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While working with DART Solutions LLC, you'll discover how our firm embraces an approach deeply rooted in a diverse tapestry of methodologies and principles. Our strong foundation draws from the wisdom of Socratic methods, the progressive philosophy of anti-oppressive pedagogy, and the valuable insights of organizational theory. This holistic synthesis is the guiding force behind our work, ensuring a comprehensive and transformative experience for our esteemed clients.
Conflict is human
Humans are different. Conflict is about the difference. Conflict can be stagnant, toxic, and life-taking; it can also be a force for learning, creativity, and innovation.
Business Meeting
Power is everywhere
Power is the ability to influence. This can be having power over others, or it can be with others. Everyone has power. It must be recognized and fostered. In all of our interactions, power is present. We work together to find innovative ways to share our power to lead to unimagined outcomes.
You first
In navigating power and culture, one must first learn about themselves and their culture to understand everything around them. The beginning of leadership, management, and intercultural navigation always begins with ourselves. We have the tools; we just need to find and use them. 
All Hands In
Building in the city center
Never Forget the System
All individuals are part of a broader system and structure, whether at home or work. We cannot simply work with individuals but must also see ourselves as part of something larger. No conflict or breakdown is ever just the parts you see; it is also the numerous parts of the system you don’t see or never knew were there. Any solution or intervention must seek to recognize the structure or system and make shifts.
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
There’s always more than one way to do something. Don’t force change but work to inspire it. - Top-down forced change fails regularly and often. We must work to facilitate and inspire change at many levels.
Taking Notes
New York City
Challenge Your Guts
Our gut and instincts lead us through tough times and help us make decisions. Not only does it give us direction in moments of indecision, but it also possesses our innate prejudices, stereotypes, and biases. We must challenge our instincts and create checks to prevent our guts from only creating a world that looks and sounds like us. Trusting your gut’s not enough, but recognizing it must be questioned and challenged.
Beyond Inclusion
Getting to the table is essential but not the end. Who built the room? Who chose the table? Where are you sitting? Who decided who was there? When conflict erupts, who leads? We are changing the nature of rooms worldwide to create equitably and conflict-adaptive environments to change the paradigm of diversity and inclusion altogether.
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